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Learn how you can track and manage your QR codes.

Create trackable QR codes

QR code tracking

Would you like to know how many people have scanned your QR code? TinyQR provides real-time statistics so you can easily measure how successfully your QR code campaign is. EssentiallyTinyQR is a stat counter for your QR codes.

As well as receiving information on the number of scans, TinyQR also provides detailed analytics on the user's location, the date/time and user's device type.

Scan metrics can be viewed on an interactive map or broken down by country or place.

Create dynamic QR codes

Dynamic QR codes

All QR codes created on TinyQR will be dynamic - this gives you great freedom and control over your QR codes. At any point, even after a QR code has been created and printed onto a product, poster etc. the QR can be re-directed to a new website.

Another benefit of having your QR hosted by us is that your QR code will be tiny. The short URL makes your QR codes smaller, more attractive and easier to scan by mobile devices.

Online Management QR codes

Online Management System

Create, track, manage and tweak - all in one dashbaord!
TinyQR provides a powerful campaign management system so you can easily organize your QR codes and assess the success of each campaign. All packages apart from the "Basic" tier will allow you to manage multiple campaigns, which works great for organizations, agencies or franchises who need the facility to manage multiple accounts for different clients.

Users can easily create various types of QR codes (website links, Facebook like's) download high-resolutions graphics (PNG, PDF, EPS, TIFF, SVG) and export scan statistics into CSV, PDF or XML formats.

Multiple browsers

Support for any mobile browser

Reaching your audience on any platform or device is key. TinyQR has been tested on all of the top mobile QR readers on the iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices so you can be assured that your QR code will be readable by all users.