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Create, track, manage and tweak - all in one dashboard!

Would you like to know how many people have scanned your QR code? TinyQR provides real-time statistics so you can easily measure how successfully your QR code campaign is.

As well as receiving information on the number of scans, TinyQR also provides detailed analytics on the user's location, the date/time and user's device type.

TinyQR provides a powerful online management system so you can easily organise your QR codes, assess the success of each campaign and dynamically change the destination of a QR code whenever you want.

Quick tour of some of our features

  • Create trackable QR codes

    Real-time analytics

    Receive scan count, user location and device type for your QR codes. You can easily export scan statistics into CSV, PDF or XML formats.

  • Create dynamic QR codes

    Dynamic QR codes

    We host your QR codes online so you can easily re-direct them at any time. One week you can link to a competition and the next week you can link to your Facebook profile.

  • FREE QR Generator

    FREE QR generator

    As well as offering dynamic and trackable QR codes we also provide a FREE and fully featured QR generator to create standard QR codes. View now